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gopro camera cat cats image Cats funny videos with a GoPro YouTube Year wonder Wing Ways view Videos very Vert used UI tube Time this think Things thing these them Thank than Test Surf some so small Ski Size Significant SHOW should Share SF Secret RS Round room Ring REALLY Ready read rap quality Professional pro Private popular Point Over Online NO NE mount Motor Moto Most More might me MB Matt made low LM Little Line like Life Laser Lapse Laps la ice i High HERO2 Hero GoProHero GoPro videos GoPro video Gopro Hero2 Gopro Hero GoPro Good Going Go Pro go Gets funny from Friends friend Following follow Finally Final filming Film Family EVENT East Dream DR Dont Diving cover CES Cats CATCH Cat Attack Cameras camera CA Auto around animals Amazing Action About a GoPro Cameras and cats are good friends! The following videos testify that point.

We are used to GoPro videos showing ski, surf, diving, or even motor actions but animals videos are still rare. If you want to share do not hesitate to use the publish form !

Let the GoPro Cat show begin!

GoPro, Cats and the Camalapse

With a GoPro, cats can be captured doing some pretty amazing things. When they are made with a GoPro cat videos will be very high quality, too. When they are made with a GoPro Hero cat videos can be captured secretly, because the camera is small enough to mount in some very inconspicuous places. If you want to really capture some funny things done by your cat, GoProHero cameras can be hidden in places when you aren’t even in the room. You just might discover, as many cat owners have, that your cat behaves more than a little differently when you aren’t around.

Haven’t you always wondered what your cat is really like when you aren’t around anyway? Thanks to GoPro cat behavior when they think they aren’t being observed can finally be revealed in all of its adorable, interesting glory. That can result in some really entertaining videos, too, and it is precisely these types of videos that get the most views on YouTube. If your video gets lots of views and you allow YouTube to display ads before it, it might even generate some revenue for you! In event, you will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you are sharing the joy your cat has brought you with the masses.

Another thing to keep in mind about GoPro cat videos is that sometimes, your cat‘s behavior is adorable, funny, or interesting even when you are in the room. This is the type of behavior that’s easiest to film, and yet, the videos that result from this type of filming can easily become just as popular as videos which were captured covertly. Even if you don’t share those videos online, sharing them with your friends and family members is going to be a lot of fun. For that matter, simply having them for your own private viewing is in and of itself a priceless treasure.

Thanks to the GoPro cat videos (or any other videos, for that matter) will be displayed in stunningly high quality whether you are showing them online or off. That’s because this camera, despite its small size (and equally small price tag) is equally high in quality to a lot significantly more expensive, professional grade cameras. That has been a videographer’s dream for quite some time now, and it has finally come true. If you don’t already have one, you should pick one up as soon as you can.

My Cats on New Years Eve

Go Pro + cat #1

Cat by Olivier Wenger

One day in the life of Margo and Bailanta the cats. Followed by a GoPro camera

Cat Attack, catched with a GoPro camera

Follow the Cat with your GoPro

GoPro Hero2 : The Cat and the Laser

A GoPro on a Cat. Can a cat be a worthy camera man?

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GoPro Cat

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