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One creative way to capture GoPro YOLO music videos is to mount the cameras to the instruments themselves. A nice upward angle of a drummer is always effective, too. By owning multiple cameras, you can have plenty of great footage to choose from when you’re putting together the video in your editing software. You might even mount one at the end of a guitar.

Don’t forget to aim one at the audience. They can also be mounted on microphones and on their own tripods. In short, wherever you need to shoot from, it can be done. You are only limited by your imagination.

Of course, there are lots of other types of GoPro YOLO music videos you might want to make as well. For instance, if your kids are in band or strings at school, you can probably find a place to mount such a small camera so that you can actually see them in the concert footage this time. Not only will you see them, you will see them in amazing high definition, which is something the people you show the video to will really appreciate, especially those grandparents. The videos will look as good as they would have if you had paid someone to shoot them. Sometimes, they will look even better!

There are a number of ways to share your GoPro YOLO music videos with others. You can burn them to discs, but you can also load them onto USB drives. For that matter, if they’re small enough, you can even send them as email attachments. However, the simplest thing to do (if you don’t mind other people seeing them) is to upload them to YouTube and send links to people. Of course, maybe other people seeing them is exactly what you had in mind! Those people will love the quality of your video. Hopefully, they will love your music too.


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